When you need a friend

Sangen handler om venskab, men den seneste tid, har jeg lyttet til tektsen med nye ører. Vi skal være der for hinanden, og værne om de vigtige ting i livet. Hør med her, og følg mig gerne på din foretrukne…

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Just visiting the planet

The album Just visiting the planet will be launched on Friday the 25th of February. I'm looking forward to sharing this selection of songs with you. Stay tuned for more info here.

Music video in the making

So now the album is completede and the first single release is the 22nd of august. The song is called
"Dont Know What It Is About You" and you can hear 90 seconds of the song if you go to…

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Songs Out Of Nowhere - update

The Album is right on schedule and you will soon be able to hear the album in its entirety. I have gotten some feedback on some of the songs along the way and I thought I'd share some of the…

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week 20 finishing touches in the studio

Hi everyone

Next week will be spendt in the studio putting the final touch to songs on the album and thereby getting ready to start mixing and producing. Tommorow/monday we are putting down guitar tracks and we will have to…

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