Two new songs in april

The next couple of weeks in the studio will be spent recording the last two songs on the album. When thats done then it's time to get in to some serious drum percussion and backing vocals. Why not sign up…

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Say What You Say

This photo reminds me of the opening line of my song called Say What You Say

"Standing alone on the sidewalk, listen to the city talk
The neon lights eternal glare into witch we stare time and time again..."


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Sax time

My good friend Jens Haack will be sharing his talent with me in the Studio and sprinkling some of the songs with his famous sound. Most of you know Jens from Moonjam and the way he makes the sax come…

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Australian update

Hi there heres a quick update from Denmark on Songs Out Of Nowhere. I'm back in in the studio in a few days, and will be recording three more songs. The Relase date will be the 22nd of august 2021…

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Se med her

Tak for at du følger mig, der er godt gang i maskinrummet, se med her på 

Arrangements are comming allong nicely

Today I have finsihed the arrangements for three more tracks on my Songs Out of Nowhere album.

I have been going thru some old lyrics and songs, and I fell over a song called "On the inside" this is an…

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Back at work

Time to get back to work preparing for the next session in the studio, this week I'm working on arrangements.
tick tock tick tock time is ticking away...

A blast from the past - songs that were lost

Going thru old recordings and digging out things from the past i stumbled across this old black and white photo. This photo was taken in Papua New Guinea where we did some pretty amazing recordings in Pacific Gold Studios. I…

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What's going on at the moment

At the moment I'm in the studio recording a series of ballads. I am really looking forward to sharing the album with you all. 

Writing and creating music is process, however the source of inspiration often seems to come to…

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